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Safe Money & Retirement Guide

One of the biggest challenges you will face as you plan for retirement is balancing a need for growth with a need for security.

Because of longer life expectancies, taxation, inflation, and market volatility, the need to grow a robust source of retirement income is stronger than ever.

There are many options available that allow for significant upside potential, often at the risk of market exposure. Think direct participation in the stock market through investments, either through 401(k) allocations or stock purchases. Positive returns can be great, but gains can be reduced by negative returns.

Options, such as CDs and savings accounts, may offer more safety but typically receive minimal returns. This can mean that, depending on how far you are from retirement, your assets may actually lose real value due to inflation.

So are there solutions that allow for growth, while protecting—even guaranteeing—income? Yes.

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“Safe Money and Retirement” Guide

Consider these points as you plan for retirement:

  • You don’t know how long you will live in retirement
  • The real value of your money may be significantly less than the dollar amount (once you account for inflation)
  • The tax environment you retire into may be very different than when you first allocated assets
  • Negative market returns can reduce positive gains on overexposed assets